2018 EDiT planners and designer covers are now availabe at Online MARK'S!

The EDiT 2018 planner has finally arrived! The 2018 version is available in a total of four different formats and eight types. The layout offers plenty of freedom to fit different ways of working and different lifestyles. With a new design that places emphasis on function and material, and special covers featuring international artists and brands, there's loads to get excited about! Let's take a look at the featured points of the EDiT planner for 2018.

【Four formats to suit different working styles】

2018 EDiT Planners come in four formats to suit different working styles

The EDiT 2018 planner is available in a total of eight formats, including three sizes of the "Daily" format that suits anything from business to life logging, a "Monthly Note" with a dot grid perfect for both writing and drawing, a "Weekly Note" with two facing pages that make it easy to see your weekly schedule and make notes, and three sizes of the "Weekly Vertical" format that has a vertical layout divided into 30-minute blocks—perfect for busy people. The "Monthly Note" that first debuted with a March 2017 start now begins with December in the 2018 planner. The full-page dot grid of the Monthly Note and plentiful memo pages can be used easily as a "diary with monthly pages", and it's popular with first-time EDiT users.

【Individual refills now available for the "Daily" planner 】

Individual refills for " One Day, One Page " 2018 EDiT planners are available on Online MARK'S now

We have created individual refills for the B6-size Daily planner, separated into two six-month sections to make it easier to carry. Compared to a refill for an entire year, the half-year refill is about 60% thinner and 65% lighter. Both refills include a monthly schedule at the beginning and an info page at the end, making it easy to transfer information between sections. These refills are the perfect solution for those who want a daily planner that is easier to use.

B6 variation (ETA) Daily planner/separate refill, ¥1,980 >>

【A wide variety of covers to suit different styles】

2018 EDiT planners offer a wide variety of covers to suit different styles

We're excited to offer new designs of our jacket cover, with stylish looks and loads of storage space. They're now available in a "pocketed round zipper" style made with durable CORDURA® fabric and a simple "belted jacket" style with metal accents. We've also enriched our cover lineup to better suit the business world by adding sophisticated new colors to our popular "simple jacket" covers.

Our jacket covers are now available for purchase separately, so you can switch up your planner cover depending on your mood or the season. The B6-sized Weekly Vertical cover can also be used as a cover for Daily planner/separate refills, making it easier to enjoy your planner in a wide variety of ways.

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*CODURA® is a registered trademark of INVISTA.

【Special covers created by international artists and brands】

One great feature of EDiT planners is the special covers created by international artists and brands. Each carefully designed cover features a unique personality to fit a particular vision, and they generate a buzz every year.

1. Timelessly enchanting designs from Miyuki Morimoto

2018 EDiT planners with timelessly enchanting cover designs from Miyuki Morimoto

Illustrator Miyuki Morimoto has garnered popularity with her stylish illustrations. Crafting the expressions and silhouettes of attractive women using simple lines, her fashion illustrations have charmed many women and have been seen as a symbol of "Tokyo culture". She collaborated with Mark's from 2005 till 2009, and now in 2018 her designs have been reborn as an EDiT cover.

B6 variation (ETA)/Miyuki Morimoto, ¥3,200 >>

2. "Laci és az oroszlán"—A storybook loved around the world

2018 EDiT planners featuring a cover design from " Tommy and the Lion ", a storybook loved around the world

Telling the story of the friendship between Tommy, the most cowardly boy in the world, and a small yet strong lion, this storybook was created in 1961 by Hungarian author Veronika Marék and is still loved around the world today. In a collaboration with Mark's that began in 2005, the characters were chosen as the EDiT mascot in 2013. Now in 2018, Tommy and the lion ("Laci és az oroszlán") make their debut as an EDiT planner cover. This charming slide-zipper cover is decorated with the cover of the storybook and other illustrations.

B6 variation (ETA)/Laci és az oroszlán, ¥3,200 >>

3. Popular patterns from "PAUL & JOE La Papeterie"

2018 EDiT planners with popular cover patterns from " Paul & Joe La Papeterie "

"PAUL & JOE La Papeterie" debuted in 2016 as a line of stationery from the popular Paris brand PAUL & JOE. Filled with the essence of "joie de vivre"—which brand founder Sophie holds dear—this collection delivers small joys to daily life. In addition to the brand's iconic chrysanthemum pattern, the 2018 EDiT covers also feature popular designs like gorgeous flower patterns and a unique cat pattern.

B6 variation (ETA)/PAUL & JOE La Papeterie >>

4. Charming embroidery cover from "Secrets LADURÉE"

2018 EDiT planner with charming embroidery cover from " Secrets LADURÉE "

This is the third year for our Secrets LADURÉE cover, part of the gift line of long-running Parisian patissie maison LADURÉE. This cheerful and colorful embroidery cover is decorated with a charming motif featuring macarons, other sweets, and a cat. The reverse side is decorated with the LADURÉE icon, while the bookmark is also a special color. Packed with the refinement and luxury of LADURÉE, this is the perfect cover to tickle a woman's heart.

B6 variation (ETA)/Secrets LADURÉE, ¥3,800 >>

【Even more kinds of convenient planner accessories】

Additionally, we now offer even more accessories that make planners easier to use, such as EDiT writing materials, ballpoint pens created in collaboration with Swiss stationery maker CARAN D'ACHE, much-requested clear index stickers, A5-sized pencilboards, and more.

Other convenient planner accessories are also available on Online MARK'S

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All EDiT planners and planner accessories can be viewed at Online Mark's. Now is a great time to get a start on next year's plans and goals by choosing a new planner!

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