Writable Japanese Washi Tape - for work, for your journal, or just for relaxing!

Be amazed at this writable, colorable washi tape (made from Japanese paper, called “washi”). Writable washi tape is offered in different colors and patterns

Decorative tape comes in a wide variety of colors and designs that you can enjoy any way you like. From sealing envelopes or wrapping presents, to decorating your journal or notebook, tape is a must-have for lovers of stationery and craft.

Writable Japanese Washi Tape is a new product released by the Mark’s tape brand masté that will change your perspective of tape. It’s decorative washi tape (tape made from “washi”, which is Japanese for “Japanese paper”), with something extra! This paper tape incorporates unique technology that makes it writable, meaning you can write on it with regular water-based pens or color on it with colored pencils. Use it in more ways than ever before. Now, we’d like to introduce the three types of Writable Japanese Washi Tape that we know will be a staple for future generations!

1) Multi-use “Washi Tape for Writing”

It's easy to write on Maste washi tape with pens and highlighters”

Washi Tape for Writing is 15 mm wide and can be written on using a regular water-based pen. Forget the bother of regular tape, where you have to switch to an oil-based pen, or your writing fades off after accidentally using a water-based pen. Washi Tape for Writing comes in two easy-to-use sizes that fit commercial tape dispensers (large roll: core diameter of 76.2 mm/small roll: core diameter of 25.4 mm), and it features six different background colors. Use in place of labels, sticky notes or memo slips in the home or office.

Compatible with water-based pens, erasable ballpoint pens and highlighters

A comparision between existing washi tape and new writable tape

Left) Standard masté® product
Right) Washi Tape for Writing with improved writability

The surface of the tape has been treated to improve writability, so you can write on it not just with conventional water-based pens, but also with erasable ballpoint pens and highlighters, and even with gel ink ballpoint pens.

*Use water-based pens for writing. Any other type of writing tool may result in fading, smudging or color transfer.

Fun uses for Washi Tape for Writing

Writable washi tape can be used for marking your place

① Clearly mark appointments or to-do items in your planner
② Use as a handy way to organize the office, for reference materials or files
③ Label storage containers by contents
④ Organize your food storage containers by contents, or expiry date

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2) Keep daily records with “Washi Tape for Journaling”

Keep daily records with new writable washi tape

“Washi Tape for Journaling” will help you record all those little things that happen during the day – what made you happy or sad, tasty treats and what moved you. Choose the designs you like and stick them on your journal pages for colorful and stylish entries. Ever felt like you want to keep a page-a-day journal, but you struggle to keep up with writing every day? Or maybe you want to keep a simple diary. This tape could be perfect for you.

Just like Washi Tape for Writing, this tape has been treated to improve writability, so it’s easy to write on with whatever pen you have on hand – a great kick-start to keeping a journal.

Eight different themes to choose from

Maste washi tape for journaling comes in 8 different themes

These designs with gorgeous hand-drawn typography come from the popular illustrators Stomachache, a duo of sisters. The eight themes have been created with various everyday experiences in mind.

① Special: for anything special that happened that day, or anything that made you happy
② Regret: so you can reflect on anything you regret from the day
③ Review: opinions of books, movies, concerts or art
④ Phrase: for recording phrases you like or words you want to remember
⑤ Meals: for recording things like what you ate that day, or good cafés
⑥ Fitness: sports or training routines you’d like to make a habit of
⑦ Wish list: for recording what you want, what you want to do, or where you want to go
⑧ Expenses: a simple expense list for recording the what, where and how much of your purchases

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3) Use colored pencils with “Washi Tape for Coloring"

Create your own washi tape art with writable washi tape

Coloring for adults is a relatively new hobby popular with women as stress relief. And now, thanks to masté, you have a great opportunity to enjoy this hobby while creating your very own masterpiece with Washi Tape for Coloring. What’s best is when you’ve finished drawing, you have your very own tape art to gift someone or to decorate something with. We have collaborated with popular illustrators who are highly regarded for their coloring books both in Japan and abroad to bring you designs that are stylish and fun. Available in two sizes, 50 mm and 25 mm.

Compatible with lead and colored pencils

New writable washi tape is perfect for colored pencils

Left) Standard masté® product
Right) Washi Tape for Coloring with improved writability

Conventional tape will make your pencil lead slip, but Washi Tape for Coloring has been treated to improve writability with lead and colored pencils. It feels just the same as writing on paper.

*When coloring, use lead or colored pencils (excluding watercolor pencils). Any other type of writing tool may result in fading, smudging, or color transfer.

Fun uses for Washi Tape for Coloring

Writable washi tape is perfect for decorations

① Stick on your notebook or journal, and relax in your favorite place
② Wall decorations in original colors
③ Use for party decorations or labels
④ Use to spice up cards or parcel wrapping

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Washi Tape is convenient for use in a variety of situations – just stick it on, then take it off again. Experience conventional Washi Tape, already easy to re-stick, with added functionality, meaning you’ll never run out of innovative ways to use this product. Have fun trying it out in different everyday situations!

“masté” is registered trademark of Mark’s Group Holdings, Inc. and Rinrei Tape Co., Ltd.