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"" is a functional notebook with a slide zipper pocket on the PVC cover, especially made for "carrying with anywhere". The fold of the pocket provides plenty of storage space. Easy way to travel with a smartphone, passport and more in the ""

Keep your things safe, in one place, and within easy reach. The Innovative Notebook & Storage Cover. Made in Japan.

Quick Slide Zipper

Safely storing and accessing your items is a breeze with's easy-to-use zipper.

Convenient Slots

Keep your pens and headphones where you want them with's convenient slot design.

Expandable Pocket

With's hidden fold design, instantly expand the side pocket to tuck away your sticky notes, smartphone, stationery and anything else you don't want to lose.

Helpful Slit Pocket

Pulling out tickets, coupons, receipts and maps when you need them is easy with's helpful slit pocket.

  • Travel with Ease

    Even with unexpected twists and turns, never lose track of your belongings.

  • Everything within Reach

    When every second counts, don't waste time searching in the dark for what you need.

  • Great Ideas on the Move

    No matter where inspiration strikes, have what you need on hand to keep it from getting away.

Functionality Fused with Style

Innovative Grid Paper

Don't get boxed in with standard grid paper! offers a multi-angle grid that helps you explore your ideas.

Standard Ruled Paper

When it's time to organize your ideas, easily switch over to's standard ruled paper.

Once you have filled up your Notebook with ideas,
simply purchase a Notebook Refill to always keep your thoughts close at hand.

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