Privacy Policy

In MARK'S site (from now on, we indicate “our website”), we observe act on the Protection of personal date and we treat customer personal date based on below policy.

1.Personal information

It is about personal information; customers’ name, age, phone number, E-mail address, address and other information we got from customers which can identify customers.

2.Range of application

In the case that you use our site, you are regarded that you agree with this “Privacy policy“ Range of application on policy of privacy, it can be applicable in this site.
Basically, our web site is this URL including and which is the case of link up of SSL.

3.Acquisition of personal information

Usually, you can use our website without entering any kinds of customers’ information.
However, we offer customers to enter their information like name, address, phone number and e-mail address when you want to be a member or order our products. As for the utilization purpose of this information, please refer to 4, as for the administration of personal date, refer to 5. Administration of personal date.

4.Utilization purpose of personal date

We utilize personal date for below purposes.
We do not utilize this information beyond necessary purpose.

  • We do not utilize this information beyond necessary purpose.
  • To confirm contents of customers’ order and shipping method.
  • To introduce our campaign, products or service.
  • To confirm result of questionnaire from our customers and usage history.
5.Administration of personal date

We are sure to administrate information given by our customer not to leak, misapply and shift away.

6.Disclosure of personal information

We do not disclosure personal date to third party except for getting permission from customer in advance.
However, in the event of any of the following, we will disclosure personal date to third party without giving customers’ consent.

  1. In the case of ordering by decree
  2. In the case of preservation of human life, body or estate and difficult to getting consent.
  3. In the case of being required submission some information to government agency or local government.
  4. In the case of disclosure to consignment of business activities which is reliable and entering into non-disclosure agreement.

We may share personal information with: Service providers, such as credit-card payment processors, performing servic0es on our behalf; Sony Payment Services.

7.Renewal and stop of personal date

Please contact below if you offer to correction, addition or deletion of customers’ information we have.

  1. Customer can anytime confirm, correct their information and cancel the membership by themselves visiting my page on our website.
8.Change of this policy of privacy

We determine that we can change this policy as needed except for ordering by decree. Customer need to check latest information on our website.
Latest privacy policy can apply to any kinds of information on our customer and user registration until we are not stipulated by decree.

accessing our websites from outside Japan

You agree that all personal information will be used in accordance with this privacy policy and pursuant to Japanese law, even though Japanese law may not provide an equivalent level of protection as compared to your own country's privacy laws.